10 Hours Laser Practitioner Continuing Education

Did you wait till the last minute to do all 10 hours of continuing education?!  No worries, AALP  is here to help. We offer 10...
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8 Hours Laser Hair Removal Continuing Education

Waited to the last minute to do your continuing education??? In Texas, all levels of licensed laser techs will need 8 hours of continuing education...
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Professional Certification Exam (3-Year)

The Laser Professional Exam is required in many states to obtain a professional level license. You must be a senior level tech or higher to...
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Laser Tattoo Removal

Advanced laser presentation teaching the basics for laser tattoo removal.
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Business Mishaps in the Med Spa

Good business practices to prevent common business mishaps in the medical spa industry. Learn from others mistakes. A great guide for any med spa manager.
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HIPAA and Privacy in the Med Spa

Know the rules make sure your business is HIPAA compliant. It's the law!
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Laser Safety Officer Training

Laser Safety Officer (LSO) training workshop. Certificates of training are required annually in many states. Receive a certificate after completing this thorough Laser Safety Officer...
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Intense Pulse Light

Continuing education for Intense Pulse Light (IPL) device general knowledge and basic protocols.
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Don't See the Course You Need?

We are always updating and adding new courses. If you don't see a course that you need to complete your continuing education requirements, please reach out to us. We may have a course available that is not listed above in progress.